Introducing Dakota

Dakota is a 1 year old, tri-color, female shiba who is from the NJ 22 gang. She’s won over her foster family and is on her way to having a forever home! Sometimes it just happens. Our fosters fall for their shibas and keep them. It’s hard to resist and Dakota is a sweetheart.

She’s friendly with everyone in the house and affectionate. She is loving and spent some time with a 4 yr old and was great. Her foster mom, Donna, told us that Dakota knows some commands and can be shy at times around people but given some time she warms up and likes the attention they want to give her. Dakota has a habit of wanting whatever it is her foster mom is eating and has stolen food from the table or counter in that split second when no one is looking. Donna is working with Dakota to break this behavior.

Dakota likes being around people and will follow her fosters wherever they go. She sometimes gets underfoot but Donna is working on this with her so Dakota doesn’t accidentally get stepped on or trip anyone. They are also crating her when they go out. Dakota whines and cries but settles down eventually. They are also helping her learn to have better leash manners. Overall, Dakota is learning good doggy manners and is doing well with her training. Her favorite activity is to play in the yard. Donna told us Dakota loves to run at full speed and play with their other dogs. She also enjoys playing with a huge ball that she can roll around, headbutt, and chase.

Dakota couldn’t have asked for a better home and we’re excited to know that her foster home will soon be her forever home!