Introducing Freckles

Freckles is another of the NJ 22 dogs and is a 2.5 yr old male. He was shy at first but since then has become extremely playful and affectionate with his foster parents. However, when their dog is around Freckles seems to become reserved and ignores her. They do not play and he becomes tense around their dog, Zoey. For the most part, the dogs do not interact often and it seems Freckles would be best as the only dog in the house. There have been a few spats and growly moments between the two and Freckles seems to become protective over his toys or food when Zoey is near.

He likes to explore and has checked out their garbage can as well as tried to steal some food from the counter when he thought his foster family wasn’t watching. He has also shown some separation anxiety and cries and barks when he’s left alone. They have begun crate training him and so far it’s been ok but if he’s left in there for a long period of time he gets anxious and starts to cry. They have also left him in a room with the radio on and so far, that has seemed to work out better. He has scratched at the door to be let out but does not seem to be as upset having a room to himself. He would prefer to be around people, in fact, when he meets some people he jumps up on them with great enthusiasm.

His foster parents are teaching him some commands, reinforcing some that he may know, and rewarding him for good behavior with treats and bully sticks. He seems to adore food so this is the way to his shiba heart. He also likes to sit and jump up on the furniture but they have successfully taught him “off” and rewarded him each time he gets off the couch.

Freckles loves playing fetch and brings the ball back every time. He drops it a few inches away from them and waits for it to be thrown again! He’ll even let them take it from his mouth without trying to start a tug of war. From what his foster parents can tell, Freckles is not used to being walked on a leash. He sits down after walking a few feet. His preferred method of exercise is playing fetch in the house and running the Shiba 500! It’s possible he’s not used to the sounds of the city and may be nervous and unsure of what’s going on. He may be better suited for a quiet suburban life with a backyard to play fetch in, zoom around, and lay in the sun.

Freckles is a good boy who is looking for a furever home. Will it be yours?