Introducing Kissy

Meet our darling tri-colored female Shiba named Kissy! She comes to us from the NJ-22 group of Shibas that were recently rescued from New Jersey. Kissy is 23 lbs, spayed, and 2.5 years old. Our foster family tells us that she surely lives up to her smooch-a-licious name.

After only a short period of time together, Kissy’s foster family could already tell that she’s a special girl. Like most Shibas, Kissy is aloof but unlike most Shibas, when you want her to pay special attention to you she will happily do so with snuggles. Her mellow disposition indoors allows her foster family to give her free roam of the home while they are present. That’s because she’s shown her gentle nature by allowing the family cat to sniff her without reacting, does not use furniture legs as personal chew toys, and is overall very quiet. She also loves her yummy yam treats and receives one each time that she is crated.

When her foster family takes her outdoors, the energetic puppy side of Kissy is revealed. She becomes extremely excited and curious and is stimulated by the new smells, sounds and people around her during leashed walks but who can blame her! There’s so much to see and sniff outside her foster home! She excitedly zig zags back and forth when walking and our foster family is working on training Kissy to walk properly to keep everyone safe from tripping over each other. Kissy welcomes the attention of new people and even allows children to pet her. Other dogs and cats approach her and Kissy will politely introduce herself by allowing them to sniff and sniffs them in return without being intimidated or aggressive towards her new furry friends.

We can already see that Kissy gets along with just about everyone and can be placed in a home with other pets and children. Kissy would definitely prefer a home with other pets to keep her company throughout the day.

Come back soon to read more updates about Kissy!


  1. Hi, how’s Kissy doing now? I’m a Pet Nutrition Specialist located in Maryland. Does she get along with other dogs since I have a 2-year old female Boston Terrier (high energy small breed dog). Any particular issues that I should be aware of (Health issues? Temperament issues?). Considering to adopt another dog now, and how much is the adoption fee, or any other fees?

    • Kissy is a new addition to our foster program and we’re still learning as she adjusts to her new life. Keep checking her blog to follow her progress.

  2. This cute girl looks exactly like our male Shiba..Nikita is now 7 and full of energy and a real joy to us. We got him at 2 months and it was a trying time the first 2 yrs, however once those were behind us he became “perfect” to us. They must stay on leash and be watched outside as our Nikita would find a way to escape when he was younger. We would find him at the neighborhood children’s house where he would go for a visit. He became much more settled in and did not run out the door anymore as he got older, and knows when to stay. If you are the right kind of owner and have patience and like to laugh, then this can be your dog. My Shiba was raised with neighborhood children, he loves them and knows where each one lives. He loves dogs and cats, but doesn’t realize that everyone does not necessarily like him back. Everytime I take him for a walk we have to stop and say “hello” to his kid friends, even if they are not outside. He stops at every house…incredible. He enjoys their hugs and kisses but when he is done, he is ready to move on. He really keeps us entertained. I can’t believe he has a “sister” twin. I’ve never seen another look exactly like him until now. I hope she find a loving home.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. As for Kissy, she has already found a loving family and her adoption will be finalized in the next few days.