Introducing Remy

This is Remy, our newest foster who is 5 1/2 yrs old. Remy found herself needing a new home when the owner moved and was only allowed 1 of her 3 dogs. Besides living with 2 other dogs, Remy lived with children and has lived with 2 cats. She’s a high energy girl and is scheduled to be spayed soon.

If you’re looking for a jogging partner, Remy could be your girl! She also knows a few tricks like jumping in circles and lay down with her fantastic finale of rolling over. She’s also got the true shiba spirit and likes to dart out the door.

Remy is food motivated and tries to grab the treat out of hands before she’s done her tricks but she knows better and will lay down, roll over, and jump around for you. Just make sure you reward her because she might get wise and ignore you next time.

She’d be a great dog for a family looking for an active pup that can run around, play, and go for big long walks or jogs. She hasn’t been with her foster family too long but once we know more about her personality we will let you all know!