Introducing Smokey

Smokey is our curious one year old boy from the NJ-22 group. He is a wooly tri-colored Shiba that is approximately 20 lbs and enjoys napping during car rides with his three furry foster siblings.

“Ball” and “squirrel” could be two of Smokey’s new favorite words! His temporary foster mom, Joanne, let us know that Smokey is very curious about these bushy tailed critters and has discovered how much fun it is to play with tennis balls. His curiosity doesn’t end there! Other small animals and birds will peak this pup’s interest and now that he is out on long walks with his foster family, he has a whole new world to explore. His curiosity will sometimes bring him to cross in front of you but is something his foster family is actively working on during their daily 4 mile walks. When he is not outdoors enjoying himself, Smokey will heartily play with the other dogs in his foster family and vocalizes his happiness during play time by making growling noises.

Smokey is a guy who knows how to have a good time but doesn’t forget to show his affection towards his foster mom with kisses. He’s a wise puppy too. He knows that affection is a two-way street and will show his belly to his foster mom to ask for belly rubs or jump up on her lap for some one-on-one cuddle time. Smokey’s loyal spirit reserves affection for those that he knows personally. He is cautious when meeting new people, particularly men and children, but will not oppose being petted by them.

With a little patience and a lot of love, this puppy will come a long way. Building his trust is key and we think that he will do well in a home with other pets and children as long as he has time to build the relationships. Smokey is crate trained, does not show any signs of food aggression and understands basic obedience commands.

Don’t forget to come back to check on Smokey’s adventures!


  1. Aww Smokey is very cute..I have Teddy from the NJ-22 (now25), Teddy gets along great with my one year old Cody. I think these guys are very similar in personality it sounds like. I hope Smokey gets a forever home soon!

    • He’s adorable! We all want the same for him: a long, happy and healthy life with a loving family.

  2. Smokey is So cute! I hope to have the opportunity to give him his FUREVER home!

    • Please, submit an application to adopt so we can get the process started. Our adoption process starts when an adoption application is submitted. (An application can be downloaded from ) Applications are reviewed in chronological order based on date received. Depending on the initial review, we check references and conduct a home visit. After the home visit, if we have a dog that you are interested in and we think is a good match, then we set up a time/place for you to meet the dog. Following the meeting, there is a 24 hour waiting period during which all parties decide if the adoption should move forward.

  3. THeodora Capaldo says:

    I would consider Smokey or any of the rescues who would be on the smaller side and get along with another Shiba…I have an ideal home for a SHiba with lots of protected space for them to go outside…a large fenced in area (6 ft high) and a deck with a locked gate and fencing /railing all around it. I am extremely vigilant about my Kibou and his safety and well being, and owud give the same care and attention to someone new. The trick will be to find someone who will be compatible and a fried/family to Kibou.

    • Please, refer to the reply to the comment you posted on Buttons’ blog about the adoption process.

  4. Nicole Gula says:

    Hi Marize,

    My application is on file and i am hoping to connect with the woman in my area for a home visit to be done this week. im waiting to hear back from her still about that. I emailed Heather and she knows I am very interested in Smokey when he is ready! Thanks!

  5. He adorable! I am very interested in Smokey and have faxed over my application. I know my grandsons would love him too.

  6. I have submitted my application for both fostering + adoption and Smokey is on the top of my list!