Musashi’s New Bed

During the month of November, NYCSR has been in a competition to win FIVE Kuranda beds for our foster dogs to use. We’re in this competition thanks to our volunteer and supporter, Beth Bennett, who submitted a photo of two of her dogs on a Kuranda bed. It was chosen as a finalist for November and, if it wins, NYCSR’s dogs will reap the benefits. (THANK YOU BETH!!)

To help us win the beds, go to Kuranda’s Dog of the Month contest and vote for the photo titled “Sharing is Caring.” You can vote once EVERY DAY until the end of November.

During the course of this contest my, uh, dog has been working to promote the contest on Facebook. (Yeah, I said it, my dog is on Facebook. You got a problem with that??) Well, his birthday is coming up in a week and one of his Facebook friends (who asked not to be mentioned by name) asked if she could send him a Kuranda bed as a gift. He (yes, he, not I) told her the best gift would be if she sent a bed to NYCSR’s new dog Musashi. And you know what? That sweet soul did exactly that!

Musashi’s brand new Kuranda bed showed up just a day or two after he arrived in foster care from surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. We’re all so thankful to have wonderful supporters who are willing and able to give gifts to our dogs. Musashi says THANK YOU for his special bed too!

Musashi recuperating on his new Kuranda bed

If you would like to help one of NYCSR’s senior or special needs foster dogs, you can donate a Kuranda bed too. You’ll get a discount off the retail price and it will be shipped right to us!

If you would like to help Musashi specifically, please make a donation to the fund for his medical care.