Nicky’s November Update

Nicky is still on a diet to shed a few pounds and she is going to be spayed later this month. She’s had an infection which seems to be gone now after a round of antibiotics. Nicky also has been eating her food with some chicken broth to make sure she is taking in enough water. It seems she wasn’t drinking a lot and the vet noticed she was a little dehydrated. So health-wise she’s climbing up that hill and things are looking up.

Her foster family let us know that Nicky is a shy dog that takes some time to warm up to people. She’s affectionate with them but hesitant towards new people. She sometimes even barks and growls out of fear when seeing new people. If they approach her too fast it startles her. Nicky prefers to be able to check out people at her own pace and without feeling overwhelmed. Her fosters are slowly showing her new experiences, taking her to new places, and having her see people on the street, pass them on walks, and meet a few people here and there who understand Nicky’s shyness and fear.

She loves to play when her fosters come home and like to go for long walks. Nicky doesn’t seem to like meeting new dogs. She would be best as an only dog in a house and prefers to go for walks and play with people instead of dogs. She has gone to a dog park but greets the dogs with hostile body language. It would be best that Nicky find a forever homes she can be the only pet in the house, likes to take walks, and maybe has a backyard where Nicky can explore, lay in the sun, and play. Nicky is a great dog who has a lot of love to give and we’re so glad we rescued her. She’s looking forward to finding her forever home, will it be yours?