Snow White’s Thanksgiving Update

Snow White is now 17 lbs and is improving day by day with learning to be housebroken. Her foster family told us that she’s become a very energetic, playful, and sweet girl in the time they have had her and she’s opened up. When she’s goes for walks she gets very happy and loves it and has become better with her leash manners. She still needs training but they have seen improvements and are continuing to work with her on a daily basis.

Snow White loves to play with her toys, and especially loves playing fetch. She’s excited to meet new people, loves attention, and is very curious and interested in dogs she meets but she isn’t quite sure how to play with them. In the time she’s been with NYCSR, she hasn’t shown any separation anxiety, and simply curls up and falls asleep in her space when left alone. Snow White is also learning to not beg for food, steal table scraps, and has come to understand that chewing on things like a wire or picking up random things on a walk is not good. She’s teething so she wants to chew and her foster family is reinforcing positively that her toys are the things she should gnaw on and not say, their phone chargers.

She’s a great dog who is learning new tricks and mastering commands. She’s a quick learner and a sweetheart. We’re happy to know she’s thriving and loving her foster home!


  1. valerie thomas says:

    What a sweet little lady. I can feel those soft ears now,and smell that clean Shiba smell.
    I have to go mother something right this second! It’s killing me that my husband isn’t ready to adopt again!

  2. Hi, I am really interested in this snow white. And I want to know about how can I adopt her. I am living in albany, NY.
    Please respond through my email. Thank you so much.

  3. Oh god is she adopted? I was following her as I am very interested in her. I was even thinking of move so that I can have second dog. Now I don’t see her from any adoption site….

  4. I saw that snow white was put back on the list .. Is she still up for adoption or fostering , we already had our house visit for fostering ??

    • Yes, Snow White is currently available for adoption. As for your applications, the Directors of Adoptions and Fostering will contact you when there’s a new development. Thank you for your applications.


    Hello, just wondering if Snow White is still available for possible adoption? Do you ever adopt out a Shiba to a neighboring state? My Shiba Alix passed away 4 years ago….and I think I am finally ready to adopt again! Thanks for any info you could give me, including any other rescue facilities closer to Michigan! Thanks, Holly

  6. Does she get along with female dogs? I was told shiba female dogs usually do not like other females is that true?

    • Using a broad brush to paint all female Shiba, or any dog, is not fair. They have their individual personalities. Asia, who is currently Adoption Pending, is a sweet, social dog.