Brian’s December Update

Brian and his big happy Shiba smile!

Let’s put your hands together for our foster Shiba, Brian, for losing 1.25 pounds in the last month! He now weighs 20.75 lbs and is healthier than ever! Our foster family lets us know that the condition of Brian’s fur has also greatly improved since our last update! In our last update we described Brian as a quiet and calm Shiba. After several weeks of fostering, we find that Brian continues to be as sweet as the first day he came to live with his foster family.

Like most Shibas, it took a little time for Brian to warm up to his foster dad, Roy, but now they are best of friends. Brian will trot up to Roy and paw him for attention. If he doesn’t receive the attention he deserves, Brian will let out a few adorable “Chewbacca type yodels” to vocalize his desires. Now that Brian and Roy trust each other, they enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Brian will greet his foster father with utmost excitement when he sees Roy walk through the door! If Brian senses that they’re heading out for a walk, he becomes extremely happy. Brian loves long outdoor walks and will even jog short distances during them. When indoors, they chase each other around the living room while carefully navigating their way around furniture.  Both of these activities has helped him drop some of his excess weight. Brian can be left with free roam of the home while humans are home without feeling the need to “redecorate” any furniture or shoes that are laying around.

Even though Brian loves his long walks, this otherwise mellow Shiba is reactive when on his lead. Brian is fearful of  fast cars whizzing past him while he’s waiting at an intersection or loud vehicles that roll by him during walks. His fear makes him react to this by barking loudly at the cars but distracting our little Shiba by turning him around and walking away from the traffic helps eases the tension. A few delicious treats don’t hurt either! Roy has also noticed that Brian will react to other dogs at a distance during walks by barking at them because he hasn’t learned how to properly greet them while on leashed walks yet. Brian knows how to approach and be approached by other dogs in dog runs but Roy is working with Brian on proper leash greeting etiquette by walking with other dogs that Brian is already friendly with or training with treats.

Check back frequently for more updates on Brian!



    We are interested in Brian. My 11 yr old son adores all animals but really wants a dog and is ready for the responsibilty (we all are). Our household consists of myself my husband and my 2 sons 11 & 18. Our 18 yr old is in college but comes home on weekends. In the past I had a Japanese Akita female named Kita/Girlfriend so I understand the dominate role and temperment of these types of very smart dogs.