December Update for Henry AKA Rounder

Rounder has been named Henry and responds better to it. So from here on out, he’s Henry.

Henry’s foster mom, Mandy, told us that he’s been doing well. His fur is all fluffy, thick, and the bald spot he had is now gone. He’s also warmed up quite a bit to her. Henry has become friendlier and is even trying to test his limits with her. He wants to see what he can get away with and has become more vocal with his wants and needs. Mandy can now hug him, touch his paws, and has gained his trust. At times Henry is still aloof but he’s definitely changing.

When they go for walks, Henry still puts up a struggle to get the harness on and is weary of new paths and territory. He gets nervous in new places but has seemed to trust her. Everyday she takes him a little further and further away from the house on their daily walks and he’s slowly becoming more comfortable with seeing, sniffing, and walking in new places.

Mandy told us that he also recently hung out with some kids. When the kids became too much for him, he didn’t show any aggression. Instead, he put himself in an area where the kids wouldn’t bug him too much, under a table. He stayed there and showed a lot of self-control. This is a great sign of his confidence level growing. A dog that takes himself out of a stressful situation often means that there is a good amount of confidence. He didn’t need to prove himself or fight back out of fear. He simply, walked away. We’re very proud of him.

True to his shiba nature, Henry screams. But he only let his shiba scream out when it’s bath time. It sounds like he’s being tortured but he lets Mandy bathe him and didn’t try to fight back. He only screamed to let her know that he didn’t think he needed a bath. She did learn that Henry likes to rip up papers and has made sure he doesn’t get his little shiba paws on any more newspapers and mail.

We’re very happy to know that Henry is getting better with new situations, new places, and adjusting at a great pace with his foster mom. Now to find him a forever home!


  1. Frank Mancuso says:

    Adorable!!!!!! What do I have to do to adopt Henry? How old is Henry?

    • Our adoption process starts when an adoption application is submitted. (An application can be downloaded from ) Applications are reviewed in chronological order based on date received. Depending on the initial review, we check references and conduct a home visit. After the home visit, if we have a dog that you are interested in and we think is a good match, then we set up a time/place for you to meet the dog. Following the meeting, there is a 24 hour waiting period during which all parties decide if the adoption should move forward.

      Henry is about 2 yo