Freckles’ December Update

Our little Freckles is a fully vaccinated, neutered, 2.5 years old male Shiba who is ready to find his forever home! He currently weighs in at 21 lbs and has the sweetest cream face with speckles of light red fur across his nose.

Freckles is a Shiba that gets very excited when anyone from his foster family returns home. As part of his homecoming greeting, he will affectionately wag his tail in in hopes of being heartily petted in return. Immediately after his welcome home celebration, he runs around the home searching for a ball for them to throw. The highlight of his day is when they play catch with him because it’s his absolute favorite activity. When they’re too busy to spend quality time with him at home, he will quietly lay down and nap. He’ll also patiently wait for his foster family to finish their meals under the dining room table during dinnertime without begging for food. However, the moment that you leave the dining area, he stealthily jumps up onto the table in search for leftovers. Every once in a while, he will also get into the trash to dig for scraps. At night, Freckles will cuddle with his foster family when he is asleep and lets out soft whimpers or barks while dreaming. Don’t you just love when they do that?

Freckles(right) is happily napping next to his foster sister.

Freckles’ foster family tells us that he is not fully getting along with his foster sibling, Zoey. They have gotten into a few quarrels over food due to Freckles’ possessiveness over meals and he will also be upset with Zoey if she’s too pushy about asking him to play. Otherwise they are fine in the same room relaxing or napping together. His foster family has found that Freckles refuses to be crated and will cry if left alone in the home or locked in a room. He truly enjoys the company of his foster family and follows them from room to room when they’re home. The only time that he doesn’t follow them indoors is when he’s too exhausted from playing. True to Shiba personality traits, he will bolt out the front door if given the opportunity to and exercises caution when in new environments or meeting new people. Freckles is easily excited by cats in the neighborhood and will chase them but has never had the opportunity to formally greet one.

Covering his famous freckles while asleep. No paparazzi please!

Overall, our foster family concludes that Freckles’ is a very sweet dog and would love to have the opportunity to be their forever home if he and Zoey were friendlier towards each other. It is recommended that Freckles be placed in a home where he is an only pet or with another dog that is older.

Our little freckle-faced Shiba has a face that will melt hearts. Will you be the one to give him a forever home?


  1. Zoey looks a lot like Maizee who was adopted a while ago…. same dog?

  2. I had the honor of temp-fostering Freckles a while ago. He is absolutely one of the sweetest dogs ever! Coming home to find him so excited to see you again makes every evening so special. I hope he finds a fabulous home!!!

  3. I’m Zoey’s mom and yes I thought the same thing when I saw Maizee on here!

  4. in what state is he currently being fostered i would love to come meet him and put the adoption process into motion

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Our adoption process actually starts when an application to adopt is received. Because our dogs are with foster families, we only arrange for approved adoption applicants to meet with them.