Smokey’s December Update

Have you been keeping your eyes open for Smokey’s availability? If you’re not, you should be! Once Smokey’s minor ear infection from last month clears up, he’ll be ready for his forever home!

Our little wooly Shiba has gained a little weight since arriving at his permanent foster home in Mississippi, but still needs to gain a tiny bit more. Other than the minor ear infection, Smokey is healthy, neutered, and fully vaccinated one year old Shiba who loves to play. Smokey’s skin and coat have improved immensely and we’re waiting for his undercoat to fill in.

Smokey(top) is happily relaxing with his foster sibling after a hearty play session.

Smokey’s foster mom let us know that we are lucky to have an updated picture of Smokey that isn’t blurry because all he does is run and play with his youngest foster sister. The two of them act as if the house is their playground and will wrestle and run for hours on end. He is currently living with 3 other Shibas!

Smokey has learned to leave the older female shiba alone but tries to challenge the male shiba in the house. It is recommended that Smokey be adopted into a home with at least one other dog, preferably a playful and confident female, to keep him company.

Smokey is initially shy towards new humans and it takes time for him to warm up to them as long as they are calm. Smokey is less intimidated by human females than males and will approach newcomers on his own time. Once you earn his trust, he becomes snuggly and loves to lounge on the couch next to you. This little guy can fully appreciate a good belly rub and doles out morning kisses like they’re going out of style. Due to Smokey’s shy nature, we also recommend that Smokey be placed in a home without children or teenagers.

Smokey is a great dog and we can’t wait to find his forever home. Will it be yours?


  1. Francine J. says:

    Wonderful progress report! I hope that my application for Smokey is being considered still. I wish Smokey a speedy recovery from him ear infection and all the best no matter his forever home. Still wishing it could be mine though! ;-)~

  2. He is so cute he makes my heart ache! I faxed an application for him today. We would be so lucky to be able to adopt him and give him a great and loving home for the new year!

  3. john scafidi says:

    My partner ans I are very interested in adopting Smokey. He is so cute and would get lots and lots of love. We’d take him for long walks, as we did our late Bert. He would have the run of the house and all the love a pup could ever want . We will submit our application in the next few days.