January update for Henry aka Rounder

Rounder aka Henry is doing very well. He’s trusting his foster family more and more as the days pass and has even allowed his family to pick him up! He was a little unsure of it but allowed it without protesting. It’s great to hear that Henry is adjusting.

He still likes to rip paper if he gets his paws on it and sometimes rips up the wee wee pad. His foster mom, Mandy, told us she’s working on curbing this behavior. He’s progressed a lot in the last month. He’s not as fearful of things like he used to be and is calmer when meeting new people and checking out new places. Still apprehensive, but doing MUCH better. He now knows that he will not be hurt.

Henry is still not super friendly with dogs but he’s not aggressive; he stands there and waits for them to pass him or go away. However, he’s good with children and is becoming more and more affectionate as he becomes more trusting.

Mandy told us, “I have now been able to put the leash on him with very little fight. This is a great thing as it was always a BIG problem I’ve had. It used to take me 1/2 hour, then 15 minutes, and now 1 minute! I just have to use a harness that do not require looping through the legs.”

She even sent us a video of him playing: