January Update for Ren

Ren has been with NYCSR for almost 2 months now and has begun training with Marissa at Above and Beyond Dog Training. He is progressing quickly and is participating in individual and class instructions. He has mastered some basic commands, but not all. Ren is so smart that we expect he will be completing at the top of his class.

In addition to basic obedience, Ren is being worked with to understand that not everything in the world is his. When he gets something that he treasures, he tends to guard the object to prevent it from being taken away. Marissa is using techniques to help Ren understand that he doesn’t need to guard. Good things happen if he doesn’t guard and Ren is a quick learner.

At this time, we aren’t entirely certain how Ren is with other dogs. He tends to ignore those he “knows” and is familiar with, but can be reactive to unfamiliar dogs. We will continue to work with him on this. He has not been tested with cats, but his prey drive and high energy level may be too much to have him homed with a cat. Until more conclusive tests can be done, we do not recommend Ren live in a home with other dogs, cats, or small children.

Ren’s trainer also told us that Ren may have had some previous agility training. Or he is just naturally inclined to master the feats associated with agility. Because of his talent and high energy level, Ren would be a WONDERFUL dog for the agility enthusiast and we would love to see Ren placed with a family that will continue his obedience and agility training.

As you can see from the video Ren is very playful and amuses himself when he has an audience. He also likes to play catch and tug, but sometimes gets over excited and has to be calmed down by stopping play for a bit. He loves to go for long walks through the neighboring park and does quite nicely on a leash.

All in all, Ren is a great dog that needs an experienced and active home committed to continuing his training and possibly including agility training as part of his repertoire. If you are an agility enthusiast and are looking for that winning dog, look no further then Ren.