Remy’s February Update

Remy has been doing great and has settled in quickly as one of the family. She has the heart of a lion and likes being scooped up into her foster mom’s lap for cuddles in front of the TV.

Remy has discovered the dog park and is a huge fan of running free and playing although she doesn’t engage too much with other dogs there. She likes to stay around her foster mom. This is not to say that she doesn’t like other dogs. Quite the contrary, she is very friendly with others. It’s likely because “dogp-arking” is new to her.

She loves to sprint and chases after tennis balls but once she gets it she’s not too sure what to do with it. Sometimes she will zoom right past her foster mom with the ball and other times drops it midway through her retrieve. However, the game is exciting for Remy and she loves playing.

Remy is an outdoor enthusiast at heart so you’ve got to keep a good hold of her when you’re out on a walk. She and her other roommate, Wills, have been having fun together and she is great around children. There is not a mean or shy bone in this little charismatic girl’s body! Remy is doing well walking on the leash but needs more work to respond to her name when something else really has her attention such as a rabbit or squirrel.

Currently, Remy is recovering from her spay surgery and is doing just fine. In a little while, Remy will be joining her foster family as they move to New York City!

This will be very exciting and she will certainly enjoy all the new sites and sniffs and other new dogs she’ll be meeting soon!


  1. Dave Cadunzi says:

    Is there any status update on Remy’s adoption?

  2. inessa pavlovets says:

    My name is Inessa and my boyfriend is Joe. We are very interested in Remy. We live in a two bedroom appartment with a nice park one ave block away. Our schedules r opposite so there is always someone home. We have been looking into getting a poppy for a while but I think that there are so many dogs out there that need a nice home, there for the addoption is the right thing to do. I thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy schedule and reading my e-mail and I am looking forward to hearing from you!