A March Update For Brian

Brian has become even more friendly during the time he’s been in his foster home. His level of affection has increased and his foster dad, Roy, told us that Brian likes to hang out on the couch with him. Brian still has a great coat of fur, eating well, and is learning commands. He knows sit and comes when called. He’s more attentive if there is a treat involved. This comes in handy when on a walk and loud noises from buses or cars and a treat can be used to distract Brian from them, he’s still a bit fearful of the whizzing by of traffic but it is getting better.

They still go for long walks and jogs everyday and it’s been helping Brian lose some weight as well as keep his mind stimulated. Brian also is left alone in the house without a crate and does not destroy, chew, or ruin anything. Roy has also let us know that Brian has done very well around small children. Brian was not overly friendly but did not show any aggression and when he has bugged enough by some of them he simply walked away. This is great to hear and means Brian can take himself out of a situation if it’s overwhelming and will not react negatively or with fear or annoyance towards children.

He’s a great dog and would do well with another dog in the house for him to hang out with, play with, and share his life with. On leash he still greets them with barks and lunges but in the dog runs he knows how to meet and greet dogs and plays well with them.

Brian is looking for a furever home… will it be yours?


  1. Kenny Corcoran says:

    I would love to adopt Bryan, I had a 5 year old Shiba ( Breezy ) He went every where with me, fishing on my boat,long walks thru the woods in VanCortland Park where I spent lots of time with him. I am semi retired so there was not much time left alone. he got sick in Jan 2012 3 weeks later I had to put him down.

    Please help me find my New Buddy
    Kenneth Corcoran
    When You invite me to the shelter I could share the pictures that fill my cell Phone with all the Happy Hours we shared together 646 712 6161

  2. sue bianco says:

    how old is brian. would he be a good companion to a college sophmore at nyu who loves dogs

  3. sue bianco says:

    corrected email

  4. Irene Harvey says:

    I am currently looking to adopt a dog. I was wondering if Bryan is still available?