Alumni Updates for Nami, Ginger, and Gigi

Michele and Steve, two of our NYCSR volunteers, recently told us how their pups have been doing. They adopted 3 from NYCSR and have 2 other inus. It’s a furry furry loving house!

Nami was our first foster for NYCSR back in June of 2007. He’s come a long way from his scared, skittish days. He’s still a little skittish if he doesn’t see you coming to pet him, but he believes he’s a little tuffy and likes to yell at our other inu’s. In the cooler months, he likes to snuggle under the blankets with us in bed. He loves the outdoors, especially laying in the sun. Because of his awkward, skittish ways, he’s earned the nickname McLovin after the character in the movie Superbad.

Ginger was the second inu we fostered for the rescue, she came to us in November of 2007. She took the longest out of any foster we have had over the years to be integrated with our other dogs. Ginger had a little fear aggression, and it took some time for her to adjust. We call her our little Grumpapuss since she tends to be grumpy. She loves belly rubs. When we go on walks or to the dog park, she is more interested in finding a person to rub her belly than in playing with the other dogs.

Gigi is third inu we adopted from the rescue. She came to us as a foster in January of 2011. We had fostered quite a few other dogs before Gigi, but they all found homes quickly. Gigi needed surgery for her luxating patella when she came to us, therefore she was with us longer than any other foster. Gigi was rescued from a puppy mill and she was so scared of everything and every sound. It took us a few months to get her to trust us. She trusted our inus almost instantly. She would spend most of her time under our bed, but now, she is never under the bed. She is quite spunky and loves to jump on the bed in the morning and romp around to wake us up. She’s completely healed from her surgery and has become a total love bug. There was no way I would have been able to part with her, so of course, we had to adopt her.

We also have two other inus, Shabu and Happy. They are also rescues. Our house is full of inu love!!! Both Steve and I couldn’t imagine our lives without these inu’s and NYCSR/