Introducing Persephone

Say hello to this very sweet 10 year old girl named Persephone! She will be celebrating her birthday this July.

Persephone was an owner surrender left at the Brooklyn AC&C due to food and environmental allergies. She’s got a good amount of fur loss in her back legs, rump and belly do to being severely itchy!

She’s very smiley and snuggly girl and is very glad to be out of the shelter and into a foster home. So far, we can see that she has a very happy-go-lucky personality and has an amazing spring in her step.

We can’t wait to see her blossom even more with good nutrition and medical care to get her on the right track and her skin and fur healthy and her allergies under control! Check back for more on Persephone!


  1. Lara DeLaMater says:

    I adopted a 9 plus year old Shiba 2 years ago from a shelter here in Albany NY. Same situation with the skin, eyes and muzzle. I put him on Merrick before grain Fish dry and wet, added salmon oil and put him on vitamins (NuVet). Time, benedryll a stable environment and love got him back on his feet. He had a little flare up on his muzzle this spring which needed to be treated with perscription ointment. I have since changed him to EVO herring and salmon, with great success. I share this in hope of helping poor Persephone and her foster family . I did my research and had success with nutrition in combating the allergic dermatitis. I also signed up for autoship on the Vitamins and have more than enough to share. Brand new, unopened. If the foster home would like I would love to share, I am not a vendor, just a genuially concerned Shiba fan. Please send an email and I will send them out.
    Lara D and Mr Miyagi (10+ senior Shiba)
    In no time she will be much more comfortable