Ren’s May Update

Happy smiles for all!

Last month, Ren was placed in a loving foster home and his new foster mom lets us know that he is thriving in his new environment! She affectionately calls him “Ren Tin Tin” because he likes to climb on rocks and pose on them just like his canine movie star counterpart. Ren has achieved what we consider his ideal weight for his frame and is a very healthy 26 lbs. ┬áHe is also reported to be in excellent health and contains a bountiful amount of Shiba puppy energy!

Besides Ren’s captivating caramel brown eyes and cream fur, our young Shiba-mix also has a docked tail, filed teeth, and a slight scar on the tip of his nose. One can only speculate on the reasons for the unusual physical adjustments on Ren since we do not know his past. All we know for sure is that he is ducks his head away when a stranger reaches to pet his head and exhibits the all signs of “keep away” body language and barking towards dogs he does not trust. This distrusting behavior is not to say that Ren should never be around new people or dogs! Ren’s foster mom and a private trainer have been working on reconditioning Ren’s initial reactions towards strangers. After lengthy introductions towards new dogs using clicker training, Ren eventually eases into getting to know the other dog and will go as far as to initiate play! With new humans, he likes to get to know new people at his own pace so it is best to ignore him until he is ready to come to you. For example, after just 10 minutes of initial introduction to his foster mom’s elderly mom, Ren now wiggles his whole body in excitement whenever he sees that his foster grandmother is visiting! At this time, it is not recommended that Ren be around small children because he needs a mature adult to understand that he needs time before he feels comfortable around them.

Ren is extremely affectionate towards humans that he trusts and you’ll often find him snoozing at his foster mom’s feet with his head

"Ren Tin Tin" posing on his rock.

resting on her lap while she’s at her computer desk. This cuddle bug will always accept a hearty belly rub. At night he happily sleeps through the night in his crate and can be left alone at home for four hours at a time as long as you leave enough toys to keep him occupied. During times of boredom when he’s alone at home, he’ll happily find entertainment by chewing anything from shoes to bedding. Dog proofing parts of the home is necessary to avoid Ren from causing “death by shredding” of your favorite items! Ren even smart enough to unscrew a bottle top!

The nickname “Ren Tin Tin” was earned by his acrobatic antics when he is outdoors chasing small animals or flying insects. At the sight of squirrels, bees, or lizards, Ren becomes a one dog show when he starts attempting to climb trees, stalk his prey, or performs on of his gymnastic moves into an azalea bush in attempt to catch a bee. Ren is a very intelligent and highly energetic dog and would require an owner who lives an active lifestyle, perhaps someone looking for a hiking or running companion. Patience is another attribute important for his forever home and so is the love of laughter because Ren will entertain you for hours!