Alumni Update for Freddie (FKA Freckles)

One of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering with NYCSR are the updates about our former foster Shibas from their new homes.  Knowing that they were placed with caring and responsible owners makes us so happy! We always look forward to update emails!

Freddie, formerly known as Freckles, was one of our NJ-22 rescues from October 2011 and has an adorable face that’s hard to forget. I was lucky enough to write Freddie’s last update in December 2011 before he was adopted and am thrilled to receive an update from his new home. It has been about 6 months since he was adopted and his new family lets us know that he has opened up his true side to them and has a fantastic personality. Though he does have a mischievous side that helps him find his way onto kitchen counters when food is left out, he makes up for it by also being playful, sweet, and cuddly. Crate training was a breeze for his new family, he loves long distance road trips, and aside from Freddie’s occasional counter surfing, he is very well behaved!

While indoors, Freddie has learned that giving Shiba kisses means that he’ll be the recipient of belly rubs in return. He’ll lay for hours enjoying belly rubs and when you stop, he’ll paw you to ask for more! His housemate is a cat named Ginger and Freddie hasn’t quite learned that Ginger doesn’t enjoy being bothered by a dog. There’s nothing like a soft pawed thwap from Ginger every once in a while to get the message across! Can’t blame a Shiba for trying!

While outdoors, Freddie’s owners describe him as “hilarious” because he is interested in just about everything and on windy days, Freddie will chase and pounce on every flower petal and leaf that flies by! He’s less interested in other dogs that want to play and a simple tennis ball is the only thing that he needs!

Freddie’s new owners end their update email by saying that they are “truly in love and couldn’t ask for a sweeter, funnier, more loving dog” and we want to let them know that we’re filled with joy to hear such wonderful sentiments!