Introducing Bronx

Bronx is a 7 month old red sesame Shiba. He is extremely sweet and playful. He knows the sit command but is still learning other commands and proper leash walking. He has been well socialized with other animals and enjoys playing and meeting other dogs as well as humans! He gives lots of kisses and loves to be pet!

Bronx was living in the pet store for a while, he had been a purchased and then was returned because his owners moved. The store owner has taken good care of Bronx but could not keep him. He’s currently having a great time with his foster family and has been learning what he can and cannot do, what is appropriate to chew on, what isn’t, and exploring the outdoors on walks and romps.

Stay tuned to learn more about Bronx.


  1. kathleen quinn says:

    I am very interested in adopting Bronx. I would love for my husband and i to meet him!

  2. Jessica Stefon says:

    Bronx is beautiful and I would love to hear more about him and the adoption process. I have 3 questions: 1. I am wondering if you allow out of state adoptions. 2. I will be away until the 2nd week of August, and I am wondering what the time frame for adoption is like? 3. Do you know if he is good with children? Thank you:)

    • His status has been updated to ‘Adoption Pending’.

      As for the adoption process, it starts when an adoption application is submitted. (An application can be downloaded from ) Applications are reviewed in chronological order based on date received. Depending on the initial review, we check references and conduct a home visit. After the home visit, if we have a dog that you are interested in and we think is a good match, then we set up a time/place for you to meet the dog. Following the meeting, there is a 24 hour waiting period during which all parties decide if the adoption should move forward.

  3. David Daneshforooz says:

    I faxed my app for Bronx. Whoever ends up with him, I hope its a loving and stable environment.

  4. Ana Schernekau says:

    I also submitted an application just in case. Bronx is a beautiful dog and will make any home a pleasure!

  5. Dawn Allen says:

    I am also interested in Bronx has he been adopted I sure hope not

    • Bronx is listed under ‘Adoption Pending’, that means he has found a forever home and his adoption will be finalized in the near future.

  6. Rachel Buckingham says:

    I was wondering if you do out of state adoptions? I live in Utah, I have a 3 yr old Shiba named Kuma, and we are currently looking to adopt another Shiba . If that’s to far to adopt, do you possibly know of a Shiba Rescue out on the west coast?