Persephone’s June Update

Persephone is the little darling of our current fosters and surely lives up to her goddess name. The original Persephone in Greek mythology was known to bring flowering growth to the Earth’s meadows during her springtime returns and our Persephone stays true to her namesake by bringing the new feeling of spring in our hearts each time we see photos of her sweet face.

Persephone’s petite stature at 14.5 lbs should not give way to the fact that she has a warrior Shiba personality! While in our foster care she has been battling some common bugs and allergies that were contracted during her stay at the shelter or her previous home, none of which are life-threatening. Persephone is currently on antibiotics to assist with kennel cough and has been responding very well to it. The vet found that her cough sounded worse than it was because of a collapsed trachea from birth, a condition that does not cause her pain or affect her daily lifestyle. Application of anti-bacterial cream on her ears to remove bacterial growth on her ears have been helping her as well. She came to us with fur loss and irritated skin from prolonged allergies but after switching her food, medicinal baths with cream rinse, and Temeril-P are all helping her body heal nicely and reducing the itchiness she previously felt.

As her foster family works through Persephone’s medical issues, they have found that her personality is blossoming as she feels better. Persephone is extremely affectionate and is excited when they walk through the front door. She’s a mellow, laid back Shiba who wants to be by their side. You could label her as a people’s Shiba as she prefers human interaction over toys. Many times, you’ll find her sitting on the window sill observing her new environment. Housebreaking have been going well and she has shown a little bit of her Shiba stubbornness by halting during leashed walks but that could also be due to arthritis.

Stay tuned to learn about more updates on Persephone!


  1. I can not express the gratitude I have for whomever saved Persephone from a high kill shelter situation. I first read about her a few months back and contacted a local rescue/fostering agency who, I believe, did not take an interest in her as they deleted my post on their site. When I saw that she had been rescued, I was sooo overjoyed. I look forward to hearing updates on her health and happiness! My heart goes out to you.

    • Stacey,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to our small ‘army of volunteers’.