Alumni Update for Emi (FKA Goo Goo)

It’s true that rescue volunteers will gently poke fun at you for failing Fostering 101 but it’s only because they know that they’ve perfectly paired a foster family with one of their cherished rescue Shibas. I can say this with utmost confidence as I was recently on the receiving end of these jokes after fostering and adopting Goo Goo.

You may remember back in October 2011 when I cheerily introduced my petite black and tan foster female from the NJ 22 group named Goo Goo. That was the first and last that the public heard about her through the NYC Shiba Rescue website because we decided to apply to adopt her shortly after. Falling head over heels for the doe eyed beauty would be an understatement. We renamed her Emi for her beautifully demure shiba smile.

She began her first month with us as a foster and hiding under furniture or in her covered crate for protection because she was so frightened after being taken away from the only home she knew. Today, 8 months later, she maneuvers her way through our apartment with ease and openly shows her love by demanding attention by poking us with her nose. Emi’s favorite parts of the day are when she is getting treats or when you’re providing belly rubs. Her favorite activities are bouncing off your stomach if you’re in her path while chasing tennis balls or reenacting Beethoven’s last symphony with squeaky toys during in home movie nights. The only dog we’ve seen her interact and play with is our older Shiba named Shio. Shio is very gentle with her, allows her to boss him around, and can often be found altruistically grooming Emi’s face dry after rainy walks. She reciprocates Shio’s affection by stealing his treats, eating his food, and throwing his toys down the stairs.

Although I’ve adopted a light hearted tone with this update, we adore Emi to pieces and look forward to her blossoming day after day. We’re forever grateful for the hard work from NYC Shiba Rescue’s volunteersĀ and the good people that generously donate to NYC Shiba Rescue to keep this organization alive. Thank you all!


  1. Von & Maria says:

    Dear Emi’s Parents,

    Thank you for this adorable update! We adopted Zorra (FKA Kissy) from the NJ-22 group – also foster failures – and are so happy to have her in our lives. Hope to meet your family some day!

    Von + Maria

  2. bernadette says:

    That first picture is PRICELESS!! :o)