Update for Rounder / Henry

Rounder’s foster mom let us know that he’s doing VERY well in their new home. They moved recently to some new digs.

He’s adjusted to being called Henry and seems to like his new name a lot as well as his new life. Henry runs around the backyard and trots down the stairs and around the house with no hesitation. Henry also has accepted life with a harness and walks fine with it. He still shows shyness when meeting other dogs but during the July 4th weekend, he met 5 other dogs and what first started out as being an anxious reaction eventually subsided. Henry took himself out of the situation and spent time under the table taking some personal space and time. The other dogs respected him and the day was a success.

Henry does seem to like his foster sister quite a bit and has even let her eat out of his food bowl if she decides his bowl is more appetizing. Henry doesn’t mind and lets her eat whatever she wants while he waits.

His foster mem told us that Henry turns heads on the street. His coat and calm demeanor is impressing everyone. We’re grateful that he’s loving his life and for our fosters!


  1. Edi Kearns says:

    Hi there,

    Wondering if my husband and I could meet Rounder/Henry if he hasn’t been snapped up?!

    We have a 7 year old cream shiba who is the love and pride of our life… we just moved to a new home and have space now to grow our little family.

    Looking forward!