Welcome Back Ren!

Ren was adopted from NYCSR about six weeks ago, but his adopted family does a lot of traveling and, being a fearful dog, Ren was finding it difficult getting comfortable in an ever changing environment.

Ren originally came to us as what we thought was a 2 year old Shiba Mix, but DNA testing shows that he is actually a Rat Terrier/American Eskimo mix – some have called this intentional mix a “Feist” Dog, bred for hunting squirrels. No matter what Ren is, he is a member of the NYCSR family and when he needed us again we were there to welcome him with open arms. Over the next couple weeks, Ren will be staying with Casey at our wonderful boarding kennel, Country Haven Kennels and will be working with our trainer, Marissa, to refresh some of the skills he lost. Ren is an incredibly sweet and quirky dog once he gets to know and trust you, but trusting you is key.

In addition to an eventual adopter, Ren will be looking for a patient and experienced foster – preferably in the South Jersey area – that would be willing to continue his work with Marissa while providing him a safe and loving home. At this point, it is best that Ren be the only dog, but we will be working on socializing Ren with other dogs so he learns that other dogs can be fun and not necessarily scary. IF you would be interested in fostering Ren, please complete our foster application and include Ren’s name at the top.