An Update On Our Miracle Girl, Layla

Layla was initially discharged from the hospital a few weeks ago and was doing pretty good up until her staples were removed. One of the possible side effects of the original surgery could be periodic vommitting, which Layla had. However, after the staples were removed, Layla would sporadically get weak and refuse to walk. Then she would bounce back and become her perky self. One day she didn’t really bounce back though; she remained lethargic and her gums were very pale. The decision was made to take her back to the ER. There, she was given an ultrsound to ensure that everything with her surgery was healing properly and there were no complications. During this ultrasound, the doctors found a change in her liver (from the initial surgery ultrasound). This was troubling because of all the septic bacteria that was floating in her system before the surgery. In order to determine what was going on and the appropriate treatment, a liver biopsy had to be performed. She was placed on a broad spectrum antibiotic and released while awaiting the results of the biopsy.

The first day back “home” (in foster care) Layla was back to her old self – playful, loving and full of energy. During her walk, Layla pooped and immediately became weak and lethargic again! Her foster mom checked her gums and they were pale. She made a call to the ER and admitted her again. An EKG was done to see if there was any heart related issues that might account for the sudden change. A slight irregularly was heard, but nothing of real concern and certainly nothing that would cause this sudden, strange response. Another ultrasound was performed to check on the surgery location. In that ultrasound fluid was found in the abdomen. This generally doesn’t occur, so the concern was that this was another infection requiring more surgery. The first test of the fluid showed lots of white blood cells, but only one cell with bacteria. This was certainly not a cause for alarm and no need for surgery. (WHEW!!!) In an effort to be safe, Layla was kept in the hospital, given IV fluids, and placed on a more aggressive antibiotic combination. Two subsequent tests were attempted on the abdominal fluid, but fortunately no abdominal fluid was found.

Layla went back to her foster home and has been recovering nicely, with no incidents, since then. She is healing really well and is very playful. This girl is all Shiba, all the time. Layla will be moving to another foster home this weekend and we’ll have another update on her soon. We know she doesn’t like other dogs, and will need to be the only dog in her eventual forever home. We’d prefer a suburban or rural area for her.

We’re thinking of nicknaming Layla “our $10,000 dog” since that’s the amount of debt we’ve incurred saving her life. We had no idea the bill would become so large, but Layla is so young, sweet, and playful… we don’t regret it for a minute. We’ve raised $4171.00 so far. We’re hoping to reach out to hundreds of Shiba lovers who can each make a donation to Layla’s fund. Even small donations add up when a lot of people come together to help!


  1. How old is Layla?

  2. Hello, wonderful volunteers of NYCSR! How is Layla doing? I keep checking for the updates and pray everyday that she will be well soon. I am sure that with everyone working so hard for her recovery – she will be fine very soon.

    • Hi Toni,

      Thank you very much for keeping Layla in your thoughts. Her current foster tells us Layla is a sweet girl and she is doing fine. We’ll be posting updates as they become available.