Persephone’s July Update

This update for Persephone will surely warm your heart and make you smile as I did when I read about all the progress she’s made. If you remember Persephone’s update from last month, she had fur loss due to allergies, infection in her ears, and a persistent cough. Thanks to her caring and diligent foster family, she’s looking and feeling much better! The yeast infection in her ears have completely cleared and her coughing has subsided so she is no longer on medication for those issues.  Persephone is being weaned off Temeril-P because the itchiness she once felt has almost gone after changing her diet and the skin that was once red and scabbed healed. We can’t wait to see pictures of her fur after it grows back! The only supplement she is on right now is Dasuquin to help with the arthritis in her back leg. She also gained almost 2 lbs last month and now weighs 16 lbs.

Now that Persephone is feeling much better, her beautiful personality is emerging.  She has a naturally mellow disposition and is very calm around children and at home. When her foster family is around, Persephone will stay in close proximity but maintains a distance because she doesn’t consider herself a lapdog. Her favorite activity at home is still perching on the window sill and watching the outside world and when she sees her foster family return, Persephone will excitedly greet them! When the mood strikes her, she’ll playfully flip her toys up in the air and chase after them or engage in a game of tug.

Persephone walks wonderfully on a leash and will sometimes meet new dogs during walks though mostly likes to be left alone. As long as she’s on a regimented schedule to be taken out for walks, there aren’t any accidents at her foster home. She’s also a star pupil with her basic training but only when it suits her. Otherwise she’ll get bored and stop listening to you. Typical Shiba!

Sweet and petite Persephone has had a busy July and we expect that she continues the progress for August!