Persephone’s Update

Persephone is doing well but she had to start taking Temaril again due to some itching that her fosters noticed recently. It seems she may have allergies. Her skin and coat look a lot better since she’s started the medication and has stopped scratching and licking/chewing her paws.

Her foster family says that she’s so sweet and goofy. She loves to greet them when we come home by hopping on the couch and zooming around to show them she wants to play and is happy to have her foster family home from work. When she wants attention she’ll roll around on her back and let them pet her belly, and then run in little circles very playfully. Whenever she knows she’s about to be fed she runs over and does a little circle dance before the food is put down.

Persephone has become really affectionate. She will give kisses likes to be cuddled when she’s sleepy! Otherwise she is very independent and likes to have some time to herself, but her favorite pastime is still sleeping and at night, sleeping on the bed with them. Persephone also has learned to go outside when she has to go to the bathroom. Housebreaking was taking some time, she was having a few accidents but in the last month, there haven’t been any. She barks at the door when she needs to go out and knows to hold it if she’s inside and alone for a few hours.

Her foster mom told us, “I took her to my family home in PA where my mom has a small dog. They got along pretty well, aside from during feeding time. She does get food aggressive -not with her own food, she wanted to try something new and eat my other dog’s food! – but they were fine as long as we kept them separate during feeding time. I think if they were both fed the same thing this issue wouldn’t come up, as she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on something special.”

She’s become more friendly with new people, and will greet their friends warmly when they come over to visit. She likes getting pets and belly rubs from all the new people!

Overall, Persephone is having a lot of fun, getting a ton of love, and can’t wait to find her forever home – will it be yours?


  1. I look forward to the updates on Persephone and happy to know she is being well cared for in her foster home. Unfortunately I have a cranky old shiba boy who is the king of his castle and would not take kindly to sharing, but I am her #1 fan! Sending her lots of belly rubs!

  2. Has she been tested with Cats yet, My wife and I are looking for another Shiba we lost our old man in July who also had severe allergies so we know what that’s all about.