Ren’s September Update

In his new foster home, Ren has found himself with 9 other dogs and has gotten along fabulously with them after a short two weeks. He loves to initiate play and chase them around in his new backyard. Being able to expend his energy by running around with his new pals is one great way to tire out this high energy pup! While we previously feared that Ren would not fit well in a home with other dogs, this video from his new foster home proves otherwise.

Ren will sometimes let his energy drive his play behavior and get mouthy and growly when excited during play sessions. We find this to be okay with his foster family will tell him to calm down and Ren quickly settles down for belly rubs. It is recommended that Ren is placed in a home without young children because of his mouthiness while playing. What we do recommend is providing many stuffed or rope toys for Ren’s new home plus a camera because this 25lb pup will keep you entertained while he amuses himself with his toys! When he is without any humans at home to entertain, he can easily be crated by telling him to “kennel up” and giving him a treat after he runs into his crate. His fosters find that he is a very good boy and not destructive at home.
Our next steps with Ren is to introduce him to strangers now that he is becoming acclimated in his new foster home. This seems to be an issue that can be worked on with Ren and given his high success rates with his new foster family, we know that he’ll be great!
Visit us again soon to find our more about Ren’s journeys at his new foster home!