Layla’s November Update

Layla is having a ball with her foster parents and their shibas. She’s also getting a little healthier too. Her foster mom told us that Layla’s fur is getting softer and she is an active and affectionate dog. Layla loves to play and romps around like a puppy, always ready for a game or some fun.

In the house, Layla zooms around doing the Shiba 500 and wrestles with her foster sister (who is also a NYCSR alum) Luna. When she’s not busy playing she’s snuggling with her foster mom and dad. She’s a Shiba anomaly – a lap dog! At times, she can be the typical Shiba-girl… a little bossy. That can get her in trouble with her foster brother, Mox. She does really well with Luna because Luna is very submissive and any bossy behavior doesn’t bother her.

They are working with Layla with walks. She pulls a bit due to excitement but by the end of the walk she’s calmer and paying attention to stopping, turning, and staying next to her foster parents. In fact, it seems Layla may like Scott a lot. They are cuddle buddies.

Layla is friendly with all the other pets that she meets on the street, in the dog park, and in her foster home. However, her foster parents think she would be best with a submissive dog in her forever home. She’s totally curious about other dogs on walks and will pull to get to them. She’s very friendly with strangers if they are people we know, a little aloof to strangers. Layla also seems to be ok with children. She’s been well-behaved with the few she’s met on walks.

She can be bossy and a little aggressive when it comes to food and toys with the other dogs. When it’s meal time, everyone eats in their own separate spaces to prevent any arguments. She’s fine in her crate, however, we leave her crate open now for her to use as she wished. She’s given free reign of her room when we’re not home. She’s very smart and attention-driven so she will listen and try to please whoever is training her.

One thing her foster mom told us is that Layla is a typical door-bolter escape artist. She will run and try to look for a escape path. When they let her out in the backyard, they monitor her because she can jump high fences.


  1. OMG, she looks so super. Its so nice to see her doing so well.

  2. Hi
    I was wondering if Layla is still available for adoption? We are experienced Shiba owners and currently have a male (Miko 12yrs) and recently lost our female Shiba ( Dejavu) at 15 would love to add another to our family

    miko is a recue from RI Shiba rescue.