Update for Persephone

We got a wonderful update on how Persephone is doing from her foster family:

Persephone is really affectionate now that she’s been with us for a while. She loves sleeping next to us and will even sit on your lap if you put her there (usually, it sometimes depends on her mood!)

She is still very laid back and does not have many stress or anxiety issues. Now that she has been weaned off steroids for her allergies, she also has more energy and loves going for long walks. It’s hard to get her going, but once we’ve walked a few blocks she doesn’t want to stop! House training has progressed well, she will usually bark or give some indication that she needs to be taken for a walk.

She is still sometimes aggressive with other dogs when she feels threatened, but if the dog approaches in a calm manner, she doesn’t mind. She isn’t particularly friendly with other animals though; she isn’t aggressive unless she feels the need to defend herself, but prefers to keep to herself rather than making new friends.

Persephone loves being lazy and sleeping on the couch when we’re not around or busy. She enjoys going for walks a lot more than she used to (possibly because her allergies are not bothering her as much). She is much friendlier with strangers now if someone comes to visit us, she will greet them at the door to say hi. She is also much much more affectionate with us, she likes being cuddled and loves sleeping right next to you so that she can stay close. I went away for a short vacation and the whole time I was gone she kept trying to find me in the apartment! She was very excited when I came home.

We are working on “sit” and “lie down” but it is difficult because she is not very food motivated, unless it’s something she really wants (like grilled chicken or steak) and then she gets so excited that she’s easily distracted. But, we’re slowly trying to get better at it. She comes when called and knows that when we say “let’s go!” it’s time to follow us (either outside or to another room).

It seems like her allergies are going to be an ongoing issue, though, recently they’ve improved greatly due to the change in seasons. Whoever is adopting should be aware that this will need to be monitored continuously and have proper treatment methods followed.

She would probably be best suited for a home where she is the only pet.


  1. Yeah, Percy, so glad you’re on the adoption pending list. Fingers crossed.