Nina’s December Update

Nina sittingAfter a month with Nina, her foster family realized that she has a very strong prey drive and will pounce on any little furry or feathered animals that she can get her paws on. Taking her for walks means that she will sometimes dart and yank on the leash to chase a squirrel. They have learned to hold the leash a little more securely.

Nina also does not seem to like dogs that her size or smaller. She has on more than one occasion become very hostile upon meeting other dogs. At first it seems like rough play but after a few introductions to other dogs her foster family saw that Nina wasn’t playing but rather trying to fight. Since then, they have not taken out to the dog park and do not let her meet and greet other dogs they pass on walks.

Since Nina no longer visits dog parks, her foster family has been working hard on leash training her and they’ve made wonderful progress. She walks well on the leash and has learned that she can complete her potty breaks while on walks and not just off leash at dog runs. She has learned her basic obedience commands, such as sit and stay, and is very excited to see people after being left alone.

She welcomes them by jumping up and wagging her tail! At home, Nina will bark to alert everyone of sounds that she hears outdoors or the doorbell. She may not be completely comfortable with her surroundings or she may be a “watchdog.”

Nina is very affectionate with her foster family and likes being there. She may not be used to her city life but she is used to the daily routine that her fosters have with her. She is available for adoption now and is recommended to be placed in a furever home with no other pets or children.