An update on Jester

Jester has some general allergies, mostly sneezing and eye mucous. Vet prescribed OTC meds to treat daily.

Jester is Wonderful! He has really become much more friendly around other dogs. He has started to really enjoy playing with other dogs, especially loves to tumble around with them. He is, as before, wonderful with all humans. He is calm in the house and car. Seldom barks and seldom shows signs of aggression.

The general separation anxiety has greatly decreased and he can comfortably stay at home for about 4 hours during the day. He is coming along wonderfully with his training and is learning new tricks every day. The hardest to master is walking without pulling, but he has made some great improvements.

He is much more friendly with other dogs outside the home. He is, however, sometimes toy aggressive with other dogs. He has become more affectionate than he was before and always wants to be near his foster parents. He has been doing very well on his crate training and seldom needs to be crated any more.

He is a very fast learner. He has learned the following tricks; sit, stay, down, up, leave it, shake, spin, jump and go to bed. He’s very food motivated and eager to learn. Walk on a loose leash and come when called is still a work in progress but he has made great improvement. He will steal food if he can and does beg for food, but it is easy to stop him when he is begging. If you ignore him while he is begging he will quickly lose interest and stop. He does lunge and bark at dogs when he is on the leash, though rarely is it aggressive. It seems more like a playful bark.






  1. He is so cute!!! I have a shiba girl already and would like to foster one more before seriously thinking about adoption. I live in New York City and would love to meet Jester with my dog Butter!!!