Introducing Simba!

Simba is a very handsome 4 year old, cream Shiba. He was surrendered to us shortly before Christmas and he is friendly and likes cats. Simba went to the vet recently and vocalized his disapproval with being examined with a big Shiba scream and probably made the people in the waiting room jump. We know the Shiba scream well and are not surprised. His vet appt went well and he’s a healthy 27 lbs boy.
In the short time his fosters have had Simba in their home, they’ve noticed that he knows a number of commands and is a fast learner. Simba sits when asked, walks well on a leash, and rings a bell by the door when he wants to go outside. Simba is a door bolter so they are cautious when answering the door and always check that the gate to their backyard is securely shut. They have cats and Simba has not chased them or tried to annoy them too much. The cats also have their own space in the basement that is blocked by a baby gate that Simba has not tried to knock down.

Simba likes toys but sometimes doesn’t seem to want to play with them for very long. He will become very excited for a few minutes and then act bored and go look for a new toy. He likes his daily walks and playing ball in the backyard.

It sounds like Simba has adjusted well to his new surroundings and will soon be looking for his furever home. Will it be yours?


  1. Could you tell us if Simba is crate-trained or can stay alone without separation anxiety? My husband really loves Simba’s coloring and his learning aptitude. You have our applications on file. Thanks.

    • Given that we already have your applications, you can ask whatever else we learned about Simba when we call you back.

  2. Jamie Connor says:

    I am co-owner of a 7 yr. old Shiba female. Unfortunately she does not reside with me due to being separated. I am considering adopting another Shiba to live solely with me. I am particularly interested in Simba. I operate a dog walking service in Brooklyn and think Simba might enjoy working with me some days.
    I live in a one bedroom apt. with my two tabby cats. If I get a dog he must get along with my kitties. Simba sounds like he fits the bill. I will have to fill out form…

  3. Simba looks just like our last shiba, beautiful. So happy he’s found his forever home. 🙂

    • Simba is a sweet guy and we are all happy that he found a loving family. Thank you for your kind words.