The Shiba Scream – Winter 2013

The latest issue of The Shiba Scream has arrived and it’s a very special SENIOR issue. Meet NYCSR’s current senior foster dogs and read some articles about the amazing experience adopting a senior dog can be.

Current Issue – January 2013 (click here)

The Shiba Scream, Issue 10

  • Upcoming Meetups, Announcements, and Gotcha Day Anniversaries
  • Featured Inu – The Senior Fosters of NYCSR
  • Articles & Special Contributions
    • Screaming Recipe – Soft Treats for Seniors
    • A Senior Dog Could Be Your Perfect Companion by Kelly Vivar
    • Rudy’s Legacy by Jen Washicosky
    • Adopting an Older Shiba by Carolyn Sanford
    • Shibal Inu Comic

The Shiba Scream is a quarterly newsletter relaying all things Shiba (and a few things not Shiba) going on in and around New York City and beyond. It is the official newsletter for both NYC Shiba Inus (and their Human Companions) and NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc.

Archived issues of The Shiba Scream can be found here: The Shiba Scream Archives

Thanks to Managing Editor Beth Bennett and Assistant Editor Patrice Grossman for putting together this special senior issue.