Introducing Zoe

Zoe hanging out on the couchWhen taking an initial look at Zoe’s foster photo, we can tell that she is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young Shiba always ready for action. During her vet visit we found that she is at her optimal weight of 22 lbs, approximately a year old, and in great puppy health. It’s easy to see that Zoe’s foster family has fallen head over heels for this young lady and she reciprocates the affection by cuddling with them at home.

Zoe’s puppy energy is managed well by her foster family. She goes on at least 3 lengthy walks daily and additional time in their backyard playing fetch and toy tugging games. While out on walks, Zoe is very curious and likes to sniff everything in her path. Zoe will happily greet strangers but there are times where she is wary of their presence. She does not like other dogs and will often stare and growl in their direction if she sees one. Her foster family thinks that Zoe may get along with another male dog if they were introduced properly but they are working to make her feel more comfortable around other dogs. She is skittish around new sounds and places and shows her foster family that she is not comfortable by panting and pulling on the leash.

Zoe waiting to play tugWhen at home Zoe will always welcome belly rubs and is affectionate. She can be left alone for hours without being destructive. Her foster family will give her free roam of the home while they’re out and leave her with soft music playing in the background and a chew toy. When not playing with her chew toy, Zoe will curl up on the couch underneath their front window and nap. She is crate trained but since she is such a good Shiba, she is only crated during car rides. At night Zoe will follow her foster family into their bedroom and sleep through the night on the sofa. Her foster family gave her a bath shortly after her arrival into their home and Zoe made them aware of her distaste for getting wet by letting out the famous “Shiba scream” during this time!

Zoe is pending adoption at this time and we know that she’ll be adopted by a wonderful family. If you are interested in adopting a Shiba or Shiba mix, check back on our website frequently for new foster dogs!


  1. Keyla De La Cruz says:

    hi im really interested in zoe…
    i had a shiba inu for 5 years and i recently lost my dog do to a car accident.
    my family are all heart broken and we just cant deal with the fact that his gone.
    zoe look like the perfect pet to bring us happiness all over again to our home…please reply letting me know how can i become zoe foster family….thank you