Roscoe’s February Update

Roscoe is doing really well, his foster family told us that the glucosamine and salmon oil has been helping him and his hips must be feeling better because now he zooms up the stairs! Roscoe also was checked out to see why he sometimes pees in his sleep but we found out he doesn’t need eye drops so that was great news to get. Roscoe does not like going to the vet and would rather go for a walk or stay home. He wasn’t bad, just not happy.
Roscoe Yoga
He’s a gentle sweetheart who is trusting his foster family more by the day and slowly but surely becoming more affectionate. He seems to be more open to sleepy cuddles and has started to give “Yay you’re home!” kisses.

They are working on commands and he’s been taking to it quite well and has become an even better listener on walks. High pitched noises like sqeaky brakes on a city bus used to bother him, but he’s becoming used to them. He still notices them and occasionally jumps, but he walks much more calmly on busy streets. (Interestingly, loud noises at home or in movies don’t bother him one bit.)

Roscoe is also becoming better at meeting dogs, still haven’t found the right playdate for him, but he is calmer around friendly dogs and will sniff instead of barking at them after repeated introductions.

With toys, Rosoce loves Kongs and bully sticks. After walks, he likes to play fetch with his squeaky toys and toss his rope toy around for a few minutes. He doesn’t mind the rain, but when walking with a big umbrella, he likes to walk under it with you. Roscoe loves snuffling around in the snow.

Roscoe is a great boy and we’re so happy he’s getting healthier, trusting his fosters more, and adjusting to the big city.


  1. Mike Wallach says:

    Roscoe-puppy!! Miss ya buddy glad you’re doing good 😀