An Update for Mystie

image Mystie aka Maisy has started showing some more discomfort lately. Her arthritis seems to have flared up some this past month. She’s still taking her medicine and still seems to be very very happy, but she’s uncomfortable and we are crossing our fingers that this will pass.

Her foster mom told us that Maisy is still incredibly sweet, gentle, and loving and loves having her chest rubbed. Maisy has also taken to making the dining room her “den” and hangs out there when she wants some down time.

On walks, she likes to sniff and explore but still shows hesitancy when meeting or seeing people. She is curious about strangers but prefers to watch and follow from a distance rather than run up and say hello. Loud noises also make her jump. Maisy would do well in a quiet house and a low key lifestyle. She would also probably enjoy living in a suburb instead of a busy city.

Maisy has been with us for a year and told us that she would love to find her furever home. Will it be yours?