Quick update for Mystie

MaisyMystie aka Maisy is doing well wit her fosters. She still is timid around strangers and can become extremely anxious around new people in the house. Her foster is working with her and has friends stop by, goes for walks, and is continuing to expose Mystie to new people to help ease her uncertainty about strangers.

She has opened up a lot to her fosters and lets them pet her on her neck and chest. She also likes to play a game of tag around the house. She’s not much of a cuddler, but she will tolerate if her fosters sit next to her and “lean” on her a little.

Mystie likes to watch the world outside her window and goes into guard dog mode when anyone passes by.

She likes to go on walks and, while she is very shy when people walk by, she likes to turn around to follow them from a safe distance.