Guinness Update 04/15/13

Guinness has been through a lot! We were lucky enough to have two orthopedic surgeons take a look at him. Both were in agreement that the severity of Guinness’ femoral fracture was such that normal pins and wires would not properly repair the break and much more extensive plating would be required. Dr Winkler from Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Cherry Hill was ready to help Guinness immediately and he did great! The fracture was rather old, so it required some shaving down of the calcification and cleaning up the bone, then having a plate and screws implanted. What a trooper- the challenge was getting Guinness to rest! As the REAL difficult task was to come – Guinness requires at least 8 weeks of very restricted activity, post surgery.

Guinness’ staples have come out and he’s still healing- very nicely- he’s also come to get used to living in a loving home environment with a foster brother and two foster sisters (one of them being a NYCSR Alum!). He’s done so well acclimating to the pack that his foster family has expressed that they would like to make him a permanent member of the family!
He still has a road in front of him through his recovery but what is most inspiring about Guinness is his sweet personality and how nothing gets him down. As you all know, he’s not the only pup we’ve had very recently that has needed surgery to mend broken bones. Guinness and the other Shibas in need, wouldn’t been here without this specialized medical care. If you can please join us in helping to pay off these costly medical bills, we, and the Shibas, can use your help! Please donate what you can here. Thank you for your support! CLICK HERE FOR GUINNESS VIDEO!

Guinness Post-Surgery with a new outlook on life!

Guinness Post-Surgery with a new outlook on life!


  1. Hello! Is Guinness still going to be adopted by his foster family?

    • Guinness is a very active boy and while he he doing great with his foster, we are never certain that a dog will stay with their foster until the actual adoption is complete. If you are interested in adopting Guinness, you should submit an adoption application.

  2. Jackie Flanigan says:

    Yes I would also like to know if Guiness is going to be adopted because if not I would certainly like to. Have a female Shiba at home also.. who would love a great younger pal!!!

  3. Jackie Flanigan says:

    Do you need to live in NY? I live in NH. How does that work?

    • No, you do not have to live in NY. We need to find a volunteer to conduct the home visit. You need to plan a trip to meet the dog that matches your profile and wait the 24h required period before finalizing the adoption.