Starlight’s April Update

Starlight has been having fun with her foster family and getting healthier. Her skin and dandruff problem seems to have disappeared now that she’s eating better food. This week she gets spayed and we know she’ll be fine.

Starlight is a high energy gal with a sweet demeanor. She’s super curious and has a nose like a hound dog. Her foster dad, Albert, told us she loves cuddling and being with people. She’s very friendly and wants to give everyone kisses. Her high energy and need for attention also turns into frustration when left alone, in the form of separation anxiety. Starlight has been known to rearrange furniture and tear up some items like socks when she’s feeling anxious.
Her foster family crates her now and working with her so that when they come home she’s excited but not going loopy when they let her out of the crate. She’s learning quickly and loves going for walks but she tugs on the leash in pure excitement. They are working to teach her how to walk nicely and greet dogs she meets on the street in a calmer manner. Right now when she sees other dogs she tugs and pulls to get to them so she can play, play, play! She doesn’t care how big, old, small, young the other dog is she just wants to meet more furry friends.

In the beginning, Starlight was very enthusiastic with play and relentless with getting the other dog in the house, Suki to play with her….to the point where Suki started getting annoyed and avoiding her. Now, Star has learned how to play with Suki and be submissive (lay on her back and entice Suki to play), rather than be overbearing. Suki used to get frustrated often since Starlight had so much energy and wanted to play all the time.

Starlight is very bright and has quickly learned the basic commands of sit, stay, and come. She also knows how to shake, play dead, and “wait” for a treat that’s placed in front of her.
We’re so glad that Starlight is thriving and having fun with Albert and the family. She will soon be ready for her new FUREVER home. Will it be yours?


  1. How Did You Get Her To Be More Submissive With Other Dogs She Sounds Exactly Like My Shiba And Hes The Same Way I Was Looking To Get Another Dog To Help With That Also For Companionship