Farewell to Lightening aka Aki

It’s taken more than a few weeks for me to put this post together. Farewell posts are always so hard and, of course, the longer NYCSR is in existence, the more farewells we have to face.

I met Lightening during NYCSR’s first year. He was a darling, high-energy young boy who needed a new home that could handle his energy and his resource guarding issues. We were able to match Lightening up with Jack and Cimon – a wonderful couple who were looking for a new addition to their Shiba pack. Since adopting Lightening and renaming him Aki, Jack and Cimon have been wonderful friends and supporters of NYCSR. They’ve fostered, volunteered their time, donated, and even adopted from us again.

It broke our hearts to hear recently that Aki had passed away, leaving Jack, Cimon and the rest of their Shiba pack grieving his loss. We’d like to share these photos as a tribute to Aki’s energetic personality and vibrant life.


  1. Pierre Bessette says:

    He looks so much like our Winter. (Our rescue from 2006) I rue the day when this happens to us. (having to deal with such a loss) Our 2 have been such a joy in our lives and can’t think about what the inevitable future will bring. We just enjoy the antics and love day by day. I’m so glad that he had such a finish to a life that could have so much worse if not for an agency like NYCSR, that makes sure so many of our Shiba friends have a happy life.

  2. Mara Macmillan says:

    Aki looks like he was a character! I am glad he had loving family who though he was special. I am grateful to NYC Shiba rescue and hard working people in it. Shiba Inu’s are the most special breed ever and I am glad to have them around. Mika and Bandit are just my loves ( love the shiba’s)…I cannot imagine waking up everyday with them not around. I feel for Aki’s parents.

    God Bless you Aki!