Introducing Onyx

Say hello to this handsome Black and Tan boy! Onyx is 2 years old, full of energy, and loves to play with everyone. In true Shiba fashion, Onyx will escape if given the chance. He loves being with other dogs and his humans. So far, he’s doing amazingly well in foster care with his shiba foster siblings. We look forward to leaning more about Onyx from his foster family… who may have already fallen in love enough to make him part of the pack permanently!

Look how good of a passenger I am!

Look how good of a passenger I am!

I know I'm cute ;)

I know I’m cute 😉


  1. Daniel T. Agius says:

    I would love to adopt Onyx, I just had to put my shiba inu down. he was 14-1/2 years oldand my best friend.
    he now resids in our hearts. My balto looked just like onyx. I have two other dogs and a very large back yard
    I have a tan & white Shiba inu her name is Chloe. she is 9 years old. and I have a puppy 1 year old Leo he is a chuweenie. I am 56 years old married I oun my own home and have referances with my vet who has been taking care of my dogs for over 25 years.

  2. Hi I am interested in adopting says his adoption application is pending. Do you still accept application right now?

    • Onyx was adopted today, July 1st.

      Why not submit an application anyway? Let’s work to get you a dog that matches your profile.