Max’s May Update

max3We wish that a little bit of Max could be mixed into our morning coffees because Max is a big ball of energy who loves to play! He is a young Shiba, approximately 2 years old, so it might be puppy energy but he has been keeping his foster family busy with lots of walks and play times.

Last month, Max battled a small ear infection and recovered quickly to return to dog runs. He can barely contain his eagerness to play at the dog runs and his enthusiasm sometimes plays too rough. His foster family noticed that he does best with dogs who are equally as playful but more mellow and patient with a young dog like Max. He maintains his curious and slightly mischievous nature preferring to stay away from loud noises, such as the sounds of traffic in the city. When meeting new people and going to new places, Max is aloof and shy but the curious side of his personality quickly takes over.

max1Max’s foster family has been working on Max’s reactivity while on leashed walks. We are unsure why but Max will sometimes lunge and bark at other dogs during walks. He has made progress over the past month thanks to his foster family’s patience. Max rewards their patience and love at home by licking and cuddling with them but only doing so on his terms. His recall command is typical of a Shibas’ and he only comes when he feels like it!

We hope to find a active family who has equal amount of energy to expend as Max is a very energetic pup!


  1. I am interested in adopting Max Pet Id# S11303A. I recently just lost my beloved akita Kiki-Sue after sharing our lives together for 14years which I rescued from the Humane Society/Newark NJ. I am looking to adopt a shiba inu between 1-3yrs old and saw Max & fell in love… I know I can give him a good home where he would be very loved,spoiled and happy. I have my own home with no other pets, so he would be King of the Castle.

    Thank You