A Mikey Update

memday Mikey is still the sweetest, calmest, most low-maintenance dog ON THE PLANET. He likes going on slow leisurely walks and he loves ALL treats: cheddar, turkey, carrots, hot dog, Milkbones. He is calm and relaxed in new places. We took him to a friend’s apartment one evening and he was fine being in a new place and meeting new people. He patrolled through the rooms (just like he does in our apartment from time to time) before settling down for a nap on their hallway rug.

Mikey is still very relaxed and even-tempered. He’s serene, mature, cool, and unflappable. He’s still aloof with our cat, friendly to visitors and children, and tolerant of adult strangers petting him on walks. He’s not at all toy or food aggressive, and he almost never barks. He’s aloof for the most part, although he does approach us to be petted from time to time. He’s crate trained and house-broken.

Mikey has occasional accidents in the house. This usually happens when there’s been some kind of change. Recently we took a trip out of state so Mikey spent a week with another foster family. They reported one accident on his first day, and after that he was fine. Then, after he returned to us, he had a few accidents, but within four days, he was back to normal. mikeysleep

Mikey continues to thrive with us. He has been eating better since we got Natural Balance small bites kibble. The small size of the kibbles must make it easier for him to eat. We don’t even need to soak it in warm water now!

Everyone we meet on walks loves Mikey so much, especially little kids. I constantly hear how beautiful he is!

I think he’s been looking for ways to cool off ever since the weather warmed up recently. He likes licking ice cubes, so I’ve started putting handfuls of ice in his water bowl for him. The funniest thing he does to cool off is try to crawl into the refrigerator when it’s open. It’s so funny. He’ll actually “sit” down on the front edge of the refrigerator floor to cool off his butt, and we can’t get him to move!! We eventually manage to lure him out, though. Since summer is just going to get warmer, and we don’t have the most powerful AC unit, maybe we’ll get him one of those cooling mats.

mikey4 Mikey likes to play chase. It’s a simple game: he chases us through the apartment. We tried to get him to play it outside, in the dog park, but he wasn’t into it. Too many distractions!

He’s a shedding machine. I don’t know how he has any hair left! But weekly vacuuming keeps the rug in good shape, and occasional brushing keeps it under control! He doesn’t love brushing, but he tolerates it. I fed him tiny pieces of bacon off his brush last week so he would associate treats with the brush, and that helped, too.