Roscoe’s June update

Roscoe is enjoying the start of summer with his foster family. They have described him as an older shiba who adamantly believes he’s still a puppy.

He’s very loyal to his humans, and listens to them with 100% perfect attention. They believe from the way he’s gotten used to them and bonded that he would adjust to a forever home in no time, maybe a few weeks and then act like he’s always been there.

One of the newer things Roscoe has started to do is bark to let his fosters know he’d like something, more so, like them to do something for him. They have spent more time re-establishing and enforcing boundaries with him which have helped curb this behavior. Also, they added one more walk in the afternoon to make sure he gets enough mental and physical exercise. He’s adapted to his new routine and his bossy barking is now a much rarer occurrence.

Roscoe has become more interested in meeting and exploring new things. He loves checking our stores and getting attention from strangers. In the pet shop, he likes getting treats from the workers and pets from strangers. He’s very friendly, very good with children, and overall very good with other dogs. He still barks at in-tact males and some dogs that show fear or act aggressive towards him.

His foster family thinks he would be perfectly happy with a family that had other friendly dogs and children. Roscoe would love to find a forever home, is it going to be yours?