Max’s July Update

Max appears to have some seasonal allergies, but giving him Benadryl seems to alleviate his symptoms. He REALLY enjoys rolling in the grass these days, like it’s his favorite thing in the world, though his foster mom wonders if he’s just trying to alleviate some itching!

He’s playful and curious, becoming more and more friendly and affectionate with his foster mom, while remaining courteous but aloof with strangers.

Max’s foster mom has been working with him on leash training for a while and he seems to be slowly improving, bit by bit. He seems to do better with a martingale collar than the harness. He still gets aggressive with other dogs while on the leash, though sometimes he’s ok. It’s best to generally just try to avoid them altogether on walks, or make him sit and wait while they walk by.

Max gets along with most people he’s met, he doesn’t bark unless it’s once or twice and he wants to play. He’s always very careful to gently take treats and things from his foster mom’s fingers. He’s never once peed or anything inside, he’s a good boy! He just doesn’t get along with other dogs. A few times a dog off a leash has run up to him and he’s been basically fine, strangely enough. During walks, if another dog starts barking at him, he doesn’t really bark back, he just looks sort of offended!

He definitely seems like a bonding sort!