Mikey’s July Update

Mikey is very sweet and relaxed.

His foster family have been taking slightly shorter walks since the weather got so hot. But his personality still shines through! He loves walking into the lobbies of all of the apartment buildings in the neighborhood. They’re not sure why, maybe he likes lobbies. They probably have many interesting smells, from both humans and other dogs! He always politely greets each doorman he encounters there. They think if Mikey were human, he would be a doorman! Not only does he seem very interested in lobbies, but he also likes greeting strangers, engaging with them briefly, and then moving on. It’s a perfect career for him!

Mikey also likes all the takeout delivery people they pass. Basically, if someone is carrying a bag that smells delicious, Mikey is his best friend!

Mikey has developed a huge fan club among his foster’s friends. One friend has pictures of Mikey for his phone’s lock and home screens. Another always wants to help take Mikey on walks!

The heat has affected his appetite a bit, understandably. A few times each week, one of his two meals will be untouched. Regardless, they keep his food bowl full of fresh food and his 2 water bowls full of fresh water (and often ice cubes!) so it’s available when he needs it.

Mikey seems to prefer eating at night, when it’s coolest. At other times, he seems to prefer eating when everyone in the house is eating. Last, they tried, heating up his food a bit, and sometimes he seems to like this better.

Mikey keeps cool by hanging out in the rooms where the floors are cooler (granite tiles in the dining room, marble tiles in the entryway). He doesn’t seem to care too much about the fan or the AC! But his favorite place to hang out is the dining room rug. You can find him curled up in there almost any time.



  1. Jesse &Dillon says:

    I was in the mood to look at puppy faces…so naturally I stopped by NYCSR. Mikey reminds me of someone else I know! If only the whole world were as laid back as an older Shiba.