Goodbye Sweet Candy Cane

CandySadly, our Candy Cane passed away earlier this week. Candy was found as a stray in Philadelphia in 2008. She was in real bad shape when she came into the shelter. Thin and overall “beat up”. It was clear that Candy had been fending for herself for quite some time – probably the victim of a backyard breeder who dumped her because she no longer was “producing”. When she was found, she was AT LEAST 7 years old, but probably older. We were contacted by Philadelphia Animal Control about her and another dog (Ashitaka) who they believed were Shiba mixes. When we got there to eval, it was questionable as to whether either were Shiba, but they were both sweet and had no hope if we left them. We decided to take them into rescue. As Candy started to get healthier, it was pretty obvious that she was most likely a Jindo, but maybe a Shiba mix. Candy was always independent and was happier being alone than snuggling up with anyone. She had periods where she would run around imitating the Shiba 500, but for the most part she was a mellow, laid back chick.

We found the perfect foster in Dayna. It was like they were meant for each other. Dayna wanted a dog, but with her busy schedule it was obvious that she needed a dog that could basically “care for herself”. Candy was that dog. Candy was just as happy being by herself as she was spending time with Dayna. As time went on, it was clear that Candy loved Dayna and Dayna loved Candy. As if they were meant to be. After a couple months of fostering Candy, Dayna decided that she wanted to have Candy with her always and adopted. Candy couldn’t have been a luckier dog.

Though the years, Dayna gave Candy everything she needed and allowed her to be just who she was. Dayna never asked for Candy to change – she accepted her for being the Candy she was. Their relationship grew and as Candy grew in years, Dayna changed her way of caring for Candy. She spent as much time as she could with her. Candy recently started to suffer from the effects of vestibular disease. Her episodes became more frequent and with each bout more debilitating. Candy’s quality of life was clearly declining and earlier this week she passed at home with Dayna there.

As a friend to Dayna and a previous foster to Candy, I can say they both gave so much to each other. They were meant to be and gave love in ways that most could not understand. Dayna will miss Candy but will always treasure the memories and time that they shared. Good bye sweet Candy Cane – you have added a little bit of something to everyone you met. You will always be loved by me, Dayna, and NYCSR. Rest peacefully.


  1. RIP,,,, I was a brief foster parent for Candy. it saddens to hear of her passing 🙁

    • We are all saddened by her passing.

      Please, always remember that by opening your heart and fostering her you were part of the process that allowed Candy to be loved and cared for as she deserved. We are very grateful and she’d thank you too if she could.