Nina’s August Update

Nina1_813 Nina3_813Nina is very nice to people and while she continues to be nervous around other dogs, she is much less aggressive than before as a result of training and pack walks. Nina has a dog walker/trainer who has been walking her with a pack of dogs once a day for a few weeks. This has helped socialize her to not be aggressive toward other dogs. She doesn’t lunge at other dogs very often anymore, she mostly just whines at them, which is progress.

Additionally, the dog walker/trainer and her foster dad have both been working on her leash training, and she has become a much better walker. She has learned not to walk ahead, and she has more discipline about what she sniffs and when and where she goes to the bathroom.

She still gets excited and jumps on people when they come into the apartment, but she is learning and will stop doing so more quickly than she did before. We are really happy about the progress Nina is making in foster care!


  1. Hello,
    I have a 1 1/2 year old male Shiba and am looking for exactly what this dog has–a trainer/walker for pack walks. I live in Clinton Hill and would greatly appreciate any recommendations for a trainer/walker. Thanks in advance!